GF Sommar 2021

GF Sommar 2021

GF Sommar 2021

GF Sommar 2021

Twelve24: ”we are looking forward to bring a positive atmosphere to peoples lives”

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Veckans intervju blir med Twelve24!


How would your manager describe you?

Well we manage ourselves so I guess we would say we are awesome lol. But people say we are hard working, fun and a little bit crazy!

How would you describe your music and texts?

I would say our music is a mix between Dance/House, Rap and Pop….but we like to try all types of genres and varieties of music.  And we want to speak lyrics that speak to people’s hearts to encourage and inspire them. We speak a message of truth about Jesus who is the ultimate truth in a world that is full of lies and things that lead us down negative paths. Jesus is the hope for this world and for us. He changed our lives and we speak about this in our music and we hope that through our music other people will be changed, inspired and accept Jesus into their lives.

How does it feel to revisit Sweden?

It is amazing to revisit Sweden. Last year at Gulbranna was our first ever time in Sweden as band and we LOVED IT so we are very much looking forward to coming back. We love the people because they are sound friendly and welcome us so nicely. Make sure you guys come down and check us out and party with us :-).

What are you looking forward to when it comes to your concert at Gullbrannafestivalen?

We are looking forward to another great show we awesome Swedish people. We are excited to bring our new album From The Ground Up for the first time ever in Sweden and perform it live. And we are looking forward to inspiring people and bringing a positive atmosphere to their lives.

What do you do when you not do music?

Twelve24 is our full time job but we also go into Schools as a band to perform our songs and share our faith in Jests. We also play lots of concerts around the world, make music videos and lots of other things….we are very busy :-) but we love it.

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