GF Sommar 2021

GF Sommar 2021

GF Sommar 2021

GF Sommar 2021

Moriah Peters: I cannot wait to sing with and hug everyone at the festival.

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Moriah Peters med band är på väg från USA till GF. Idag lär vi känna henne lite mer här på bloggen.


How would your friends describe you?

Julie in the band said that Moriah is: ”creative, diligent, wise, thoughtful and funny. Mama raised a good one!”

How would you describe your music and texts?

I’ve tried to approach the BRAVE album with a sense of empowerment. The rhythms are big and the progressions inspiring. The lyrics were written out of a season in life where I was working through a lot of fears and anxieties so they’re quite bold!

How does it feel to visit Sweden for the first time?

I’ve heard incredible things about the landscape and food in Sweden from friends who were born there and now live near me in Tennessee. What I’m most looking forward to is meeting its people! I cannot wait to sing with and hug everyone at the festival.

What do you know about Sweden?

I like the sound of the currency used in Sweden…”krona” is just a pretty word! I’m quite looking forward to experiencing the ”fika” with new friends over a cup of tea (since I don’t drink coffee). And I’m obsessed with a jumpsuit brand called that is based in Norway but my Swedish friends love it as well! I will definitely be wearing my onesie on the flights overseas!

What do you do when you not do music?

I love to play with my cat, act in movies and journal…I take my stationary quite seriously and have plans to find a new notebook in Sweden! Any suggestions? Looking forward to meeting you!

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