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GF Sommar 2021

The later it gets, the weirder we get – Twelve24

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To get us extra hyped for the twelve24 concert we talked to Dawn Elektra and Josh to get to know them better.

How many times have you been to this festival?

This is Dawns first time and for us it is the third time, three years in a row. We started of on the smaller stage, bryggan, and then last year we played on the main stage, skeppet, which was amazing and so this year we are back there again.

What made you guys come back?

It is for the barbeque, hehe. The food and the people.

How would your friends describe you?

Josh describes Dawn:

Dawns artist name is Dawn Elektra, the initials are DE, and I would describe her using different initials like drama and extra. Everything she does she gives it one hundred percent.

Dawn describes Josh:

Josh is probably the boss in the band, he does not always want to be but he has to be. He is the one that has to deal with all of our flights and makes sure that we are all there on time. We can´t go to many festivals where there are lots of young girls screaming at Josh, he is like the Justin Bieber of the band.

Josh responds with ”They are just scared of me because I am so big.”

How does your faith reflect on your music when you are on stage?

Josh: Well, we obviously fully believe in Jesus and he has changed our lives and made such a big impact. We want to give people a good time and put on a good show because we want to celebrate that Jesus has changed our lives. Without him we wouldn´t be here. We to try not just do the music but bring some of that message to and really talk about it, share it because we want to hopefully see other peoples lives change as well.

Dawn : A lot of dreams, hope and vision is that when people leave here they can listen to our music, when I was little I used to use music to escape, it there was something going on in my life that was really tuff I would just shut out from the world and put on my music,go to my room and sing to Mariah Carey at the top of my voice. I think it is really cool to have music that can make people feel goodand givet them a bit of light and a bit of truth as well.

How do you show people that you believe in Jesus when you are off stage?

Josh: I remember growing up always hearing people say ”you should practise what you preach”  but for me that is the wrong way around becauseif you are talking about something and you the have to challenge yourself to live it out then you probably should not be talking aboutit, you should be living it out first and then talk about it. It is not ”practise what you preach” it is ”preach what you practise”. Everything thst we do is based on the lifestyle that we live. I don´t want to be atlkning about something that I am not living in my daily life. I practise living for Jesus that iswhy I talk about living for Jesus. I practise loving people as much as I possibly can, I am not perfect, and that is why we talk about loving one another. As a band it is about our relationship with Jesus and ourpersonal life before it is about our public life.

So you bring your personal life up on stage?

I would like to hope that we do. I want to talk about my struggles, if I am struggling with something off stage then I want to be able to be handling it in a way where I can talk about on stage as well. So if I am struggling with anxiety I don´t want to feel like I put on a show and pretend that everything is fine. If you are struggling with it, I am struggling with it to, and we can all go to Jesus together.

Dawn: People know what a good show looks likeand hat good music sounds like but I think that what people want now is for people to be authentic. That is the thing about us, we are not perfect but we are authentic. We might say something wrong or do something wrong because we are human.

What can the audience expect from your concert tonight?

When it gets to a certain point in the evening, and it starts go get quite late, me and Ryan start to get really crazy and the later it gets the more weird we get. So a concert at 00:30 is quite worrying.. It could be amazing! It will be amazing! There will be lots of energy and lots of partying!

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